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Dog Park Friends

Welcome to our page for our pals from the Hwy 38 Johnson Dog Park! We are so glad you stopped by to see what we have captured. Now, I'm a newbie to all this photography stuff but I have managed to get a few good shots. 

The dog's photos are under their respective name. The Jerry/Barney weekend pals are listed under Weekend Clan. If I don't know you're dog's name, or there are more than just your dog in the picture that their mommy/daddy might want a shot of, I put them under the Unknown and Misc galleries. So be sure to check there for your baby there too. Just scroll down the page to view all the photos.

Use the contact form on the Contact page to request prints. Tell me what gallery your dog is listed under (dog's name, unknown, misc group, weekend pals). Click on the photo to bring up the larger view and find the number of the photo for that gallery on the left just under the photo. It should say # of #. EX: Bear, 4. That simple. Let me know when you will be out at the dog park and/or give me your number to contact you with. If it's easier for you, just call me: 262-865-8287. That's a local (Racine) cell number.

 I can crop, darken, sharpen, use curves, and change hues and saturation to make the photos better. Whether or not there is sunshine makes a difference on the look and feel of the photos and how sharp the colors are. Some I have already toyed with to show you the best shot of your dog.  Others I left so you can decide if you want the other dogs cropped out or not on your own. I sometimes like them in to show Brandy having her fun out there with all her pals. It's up to you!

NOT ON HERE? WANT PHOTOS OF YOUR DOG? Contact me using the contact form on the Contact page and please include your number. I don't charge any sitting fees for going out to the dog park. I use a digital camera so I can take a lot of shots to get the right ones for you without charging for prints. I will put them on the web for you to view.   

So, folks ... enjoy! And keep coming back to see what's new!

~ Kristin & Brandy



Fortune - a new buddy!



Weekend Clan - Roxanne, Titus, Barney

Misc Groups of Doggies