Wilson Photography

A collaboration of Jim and Kristin Wilson photography

Welcome to our site. Here we share some of our favorite digital photography featuring our love of nature, our dog (Brandy) and her friends, wildlife, nature-scapes, hard-scapes, children, abstract prints, and more. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. If you see something you'd like to purchase, please use our contact page. We'll be happy to accommodate you.

Please visit: Wilson Photos on DeviantArt.com: http://wilsonphotos.deviantart.com for print purchases and other amazing photos!

NOTE: All photos/images on this site are the copyright of Wilson Photography, 2010

Wildlife and WildScapes

Wildlife is a true passion of ours. Doing our part to help the environment is important for the wildlife that surrounds us. I hope you share our dream of a wild and wonderful life for our fellow creatures.

All that nature gives us happens out here. Stop and smell the wildflowers, the moss and the rain. There is beauty everywhere. Please do your part to keep it pristine .... for our lives and the lives of the animals that call it home.

Pets and Dog Park ... the joys of our lives!

We find joy in taking pictures at home and out and about in our daily lives. Enjoy some of the local band shots, hanging around the house and with friends and family. 

This is where our dog park friends will find their doggy photos as well! Visit the page to learn how to request a photo of your dog!

Our dog, Brandy, is currently our one and only pet. She is our pride and joy ... our child. Enjoy us enjoying her. I'm sure you'll see what we see in her .... love, life, and happiness!

Interesting Finds and Abstract

Sometimes you just come across something really neat and have to try to capture it. That's where this stuff is. You'll see for yourself what I mean.

For the abstract images, these are ones we played with in photo editing software. Some are quirky, some are just fun, and some are really cool.

WILDLIFE Photography
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WILDLIFE Photography by aphoto4you
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Digital Photoscapes
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Digital Photoscapes by brentparks
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